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Frequently Asked Questions
Straight Forward and Honest Answers

Exactly what you need to boost your online presence, nothing your don’t. Our complete packages make it easy for you to look good, get found and get new customers. We don’t include any fluff that doesn’t drive results, meaning your only paying for what really counts.

Who Provides The Content for my Website?2020-09-22T21:21:49-07:00

For text and information, the customer will provide the content they want used in the website. They can also provide images, logos and more. In cases where the customer does not have any, we can source images, and provide general content (not to exceed 250 words per page).

What Is A Google My Business Manager?2020-09-30T11:06:05-07:00

This is a member of our team, who has their eyes on your Google My Business profile. This means they check it each day to make sure it is active and live on Google. Further they monitor the user activity and keep an eye on your overall image. If anything happens, they know immediately and work with you to square up any issues.

How Do You Help My Listing Profiles?2020-09-21T17:45:46-07:00

Our team will first run a report to see what listings your shop currently has, and then see how accurate those listings are. From there we can begin to repair broken listings, update out of date ones as well as create new ones.

How Can I Ask Customers For Reviews With The Review Dashboard?2020-09-21T17:44:00-07:00

We currently allow you to use email, SMS texting, a direct url address or even a kiosk webpage physically in your shop. You can mix and match, and use one or the other for any type of client.

What Is A Review Generation Dashboard?2020-09-21T17:42:32-07:00

This is a website/software that you and your team can log into and send review campaigns to your customer. We host and manage this dashboard so we are always available to help out with it as well.

What Is Reputation Monitoring?2020-09-30T11:08:13-07:00

Our software will track all business profiles and mentions of your business brand on the web. We are alerted anytime a new review is generated, or a mention of your business name on the web. This allows us to stay on top of your reputation, and also plan a course of action in the event any negative content is generated about you.

What Is A Local SEO Report?2020-09-21T17:39:36-07:00

More comprehensive than our other reports, these reports will monitor and check important SEO factors such as your business profiles, review count, website authority and more. These are sent out to clients every month.

What If I Need Support/Help?2020-09-21T17:37:45-07:00

We make it easy. Simply contact our team. In most cases we will have your issue resolved before you get off the phone.

How Do I Cancel Services?2020-09-21T17:37:02-07:00

If for whatever reason you want to cancel, simply let us know. No lead times, no crazy hoops to jump through. We will stop your billing immediately and you retain service through the end of your current cycle.

How Do I Pay?2020-09-21T17:35:56-07:00

Payments are auto-drafted from a debit or credit card of your choice once a month.

What Do Your Monthly Reports Look Like?2020-09-21T17:34:39-07:00

Our rank tracking report is simply a list of keywords you want to show up in Google when searched, and your website’s current position.

Our visitor tacking reports are traffic reports break down how many visitors, from what sources, average visit time and more, for visitors of your website.

What is a Chatbox and Why Do I Want One?2020-09-21T17:32:36-07:00

A chatbox is a software application on your website that allows you to directly communicate with your website visitors in real time. Sometimes gaining a new customer is as easy as talking to them when they’re on your website, ready to make a decision. Our websites can integrate any messaging software your shop is comfortable with such as Facebook Messenger, Hubspot or a stand alone provider. Don’t have any of these. Our team can get you set up on a platform that is free and you can start chatting with potential customers right from your website.

How Many Updates/Changes Can I Make?2020-09-21T17:29:40-07:00

We don’t nickle and dime you for updates. If you need to make any changes to your website, we take care of it, no charge. This could be updating business hours, adding a monthly discount or coupon or more.

What is SSL? Why Do I Need It?2020-09-21T17:28:17-07:00

SSL, or website encryption, is encryption added to your website to make it more secure. This is the standard for websites now and Google even factors your security into website rankings in search engines. SSL certificates can be purchased or included through hosting providers or third party security companies, but we include this extra security to all our websites for no additional charge.

Hosting Included. What Does That Mean?2020-09-21T17:25:20-07:00

Every website needs to be hosted somewhere. This is a server where your website files are stored, and when a visitors comes to your site, the hosting server provides them to the user. Our website packages include super fast and secure hosting. This is one less thing you have to worry about, and pay for, from any other third party service.

Are The Websites Compatible with Mobile Devices and Tablets?2020-09-21T17:23:43-07:00

All of the websites we build are optimized for all devices. More than half of internet use is on smaller devices such as phones and tablets. Your website will look great on these as well as perform fast.

7 Pages Total – What Does that Mean?2020-09-21T17:21:55-07:00

Total website pages are individual pages on your website. This could be your homepage, a contact page, a services page, a page with all your testimonials or current specials. You are allowed to add as many pages as you wish, up to 7 in the website bundle.

Do I Own The Website2020-09-30T11:11:53-07:00

We don’t use the rent to own, or the rent and leave with nothing model. We have no contracts, you can cancel anytime, and you fully own your website after 12 months.

Our Plans

Available options for any budget and any goal. You can select a plan to start, and move up or down, anytime without any fees. Even better, you fully own your website after 12 months, and can take it with you anytime. We don’t rent websites here. Everything we do for you is yours.

Power Site

$99monthly - $499 Start Up
  • 7 Page WordPress Website
  • Tablet & Mobile Friendly
  • Hosting & SSL Included
  • Unlimited Updates & Changes
  • Chat Box Ready
  • Visitor & Rank Tracking Reports

Local SEO Boost

$199monthly - $499 Start Up
  • Everything in “Power Site” AND
  • Local SEO Reports
  • Reputation Monitoring
  • Review Generation Dashboard
  • Review Kiosk Software
  • Google My Business Manager

What Our Clients Say

The service is awesome, the price is just right. My website performs and I have more reviews than any other local competitor. Best of all, I don’t even have to worry about it. Launchpad Automotive Marketing handles it all.

Omar R., Phil's Automotive Service Center - Big Bear, CA
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